Friday, May 28, 2010

TNAsylum is THE Haven for TNA News and TNA Fans. Our job is to accentuate the TNA Product, on screen and behind the scenes, whether it be positively or negatively. Our site is recognizable by our unique look (site, logos), our distinct columns and our original features. We have the greatest and most varied collection of TNA Columnists and Columns anywhere. TNAsylum is NOT a news site but a community for fans of TNA Wrestling.


Columns- Our site has a wider variety of IMPACT Wrestling Columns and Writers than anywhere else. At TNAsylum you will see numerous columns written by our full-time writers. Think you have what it takes to write a column, we encourage you to show what you've got.

Latest News, Rumors, Spoilers, and Coverage w/Analysis- We collect the daily news/rumors/spoilers/coverage from the top wrestling news sites from around the world. Not only will you find all the news in one place but we will also add our own take to give you an alternative perspective.

Exclusive News- TNAsylum occasionally runs special detailed reports on a wide range of many different behind-the-scenes stories that you can't find anywhere else.

Community- We have a great community of readers; many of which have distinct personalities.

Original Content- Because our job is to accentuate the product you will see many features that aren't news related but encourage discussion about IMPACT Wrestling. You will also see reviews, previews, video specials and many other unique features seen only on this site.

Meet The Team

Owner, Editor, Writer, Reporter

Talon is one of the original minds behind TNAsylum. He has an extensive history writing for TNA ranging back to late 2005. He is known for his TNA 101 Column, and his Impact Recaps on ProWrestling Dot Net. After years of helping build other wrestling, Talon and his associates have created their own site, TNAsylum!

"Phenom" AJ Jones
Co-Founder, Reporter
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One of the cornerstones of TNAsylum is Phenom AJ Jones. AJ is the anonymous staff member who has contributed greatly to the site but is often overlooked in favor of content he reports. While not a writer for the site, AJ is a contributor of news and participates in many of TNAsylum’s Roundtable Columns.

Writer, Reporter, Editor, TNAsylum Media Expert
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JSO is a writer for a good amount of different columns on the site and the media guru of TNAsylum. JSO picked up the reigns of various columns in 2010 and now handles a multitude of other functions on the site. He is also a regular writer of TNAsylum's renowned TNA Narrative Columns.

Irish Yid

Yid is TNAsylum’s UK Kid. The creator of The ClassX column, Yid is also a varied writer in that he contributes robustly to the articles of the site. Irish Yid’s potential is great as youth is only a marker for possibilities.

Writer of "Straight Shooting"
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Very few have been writing as long about TNA as FK9 has. FK9 is the former writer of the polarizing “Knocked Out” column on TNAWrestlingNews. He is known as being an outspoken advocate of quality women’s wrestling. Through his edgy style of writing, entertaining video recaps and entertaining debates with himself, FK9 has amassed a fanbase rivaled by few. FK9 is the writer of the controversial "Straight Shooting" column as well as "TKO", the fantasy show dedicated to TNA's Knockouts Division.

Will Cross
Writer of "Crossfire"

Will Cross joined the team in mid-2011 with his guest columns. After enough dedication, Cross became a regular columnist with his provocative "Crossfire" columns. Since then he has become part of the family, garnering attention from all across the IWC.

Big Dawg
Writer of "The Dawg Pound" and "The Roster Breakdown"

Big Dawg is a vocal and loyal member of the TNAsylum Team. Dawg will be writing two columns for TNAsylum. The first is his "Dawg Pound" column where he will be addressing his opinion on the TNA Product. The second is his "Roster Breakdown" column where he will spotlight members of the TNA Roster.

Jason Blade
Writer of "Knockout Shots"

Jason Blade is TNAsylum's newest columnist. He will be focusing on his "Knockout Shots" column where he will cover ground originally paved by FK9 years ago. Blade's interest in the Knockouts goes beyond the norm so please don't miss his weekly column.

Mister TNA
Writer of "Behind the Curtain" and "Mister TNA Talks"
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Known for his "Mister TNA's IMPACT Wrestling" booking series as well as his audio column "Mister TNA Talks" the longtime member of TNAsylum has signed up for a new backstage news feature known as "Behind the Curtain."

Garrett Kidney

Kidney joined the TNAsylum Team in January 2012 as part of the new writer initiative. Known for his wrestling recaps from all over the internet, Kidney will be taking over the "Last Night On IMPACT Wrestling" column.