Wednesday, July 01, 2015

7/1 IMPACT Wrestling Coverage

July 1, 2015
Orlando, Florida

TNA News Briefs: July 2015

* Global Force Wrestling announced that Bobby Roode and Nick Aldis (aka Magnus) will take part in their first TV taping on July 24th in Las Vegas, Nevada. There will also be a tournament to crown the first ever GFW champion. Check out the GFW website here.

* Eric Sherman has been named Chief Strategy Officer for TNA. In his role, Sherman will develop, coordinate and oversee implementation of global strategic initiatives in advancement of TNA and its affiliated brands and properties. Read the press release here.


It's a sad fact of our histories that we persecute those different than us. We shun, label and deny certain rights to people just because they believe in something we don't. We are lucky, however, to now live in an age where being different is not what it once was. We now live in a time that has proven that if you fight hard enough and make your voice heard loud enough, eventually people will have no choice but to listen.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Discussion

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Instant Impact - A Global Force Takeover?

By Ryan Frye

The word impact is described as having a strong effect on someone or something. And for over a decade, making an impact has become a way of life for the athletes of IMPACT Wrestling. In this TNAsylum exclusive series, we’ll take a look at some of the most impactful moments from TNA’s past and present product, all in an attempt to preview what has yet to come.

This post-Slammiversary edition of INSTANT IMPACT will primarily focus on Jeff Jarrett returning to TNA, reclaiming his crown as King of the Mountain, and the possible Global Force takeover that awaits TNA.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slammiversary 2015 Live Coverage

By Talon
June 28, 2015
Orlando, Florida

What's Next For The KOTM Championship?

Following his victory in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, Jeff Jarrett made some interesting comments regarding the status of the KOTM championship, and what it means for the future of TNA and Global Force Wrestling. #StayTuned

Slammiversary Lineup

Saturday, June 27, 2015

6/27 IMPACT Taping Results

Warning: The following contains spoilers for future episodes of IMPACT from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Read at your own discretion.

TNA News Briefs: June 2015

* According to PWInsider, James Storm and Magnus are not under contract with TNA. Both men asked to be let out of their deals due to the fact that TNA runs less shows than they have in the past, meaning they are making less money. The current plan is to have both men work the TV tapings, while being able to find other work to supplement their TNA work.

* Austin Aries will see his contract expire after Slammiversary so he will be in the same situation as Storm and Magnus. Given the changing landscape of their business, TNA is adjusting their view on how they will promote themselves going forward. TNA is very open to working with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling.