Friday, October 24, 2014

News: Lashley Wins MMA Fight, TNA Audience Rises

* At Bellator 130, Bobby Lashley defeated Karl Etherington via submission (strikes) in the first round. Lashley has won five straight fights and holds an MMA record of 12-2.

* In an interview with Sporting News, Matt Hardy said he would be interested in working with TNA in a creative capacity. "To have the canvas of something like Impact Wrestling, something that had TV and be able to be a creative input guy and come up with stuff, I would love to and I would be up for that challenge," he said. Read the article here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Words Are Weapons

I love it when a show or a movie that I watch somehow correlates with how I view professional wrestling. By now, most of you who read my columns understand that I take a bit more of the positive perspective approach to creative criticism. This, however, is not always the case and a movie that I watched with my wife the other day – Chef – struck a nerve with me. We viewed the film expecting to be entertained by an out-of-the-box story, which it delivered excellently as I do recommend seeing the film. Inside that 114 minute span, the main character (Jon Favreau) delivered a statement to the critic (Oliver Platt) who scrutinized his work earlier in the film:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

British Boot Camp 2: Episode 1 - Glasgow Auditions

House of Hardcore - A Vision of TNA's Future?

For starters, I apologize for what may be considered a slightly misleading title (depending on your point of view). I'm not saying that TNA's future is to devolve into something resembling Tommy Dreamer's promotion. I'm talking about something a bit more below the radar.

Anyone who saw the card for the House of Hardcore event on 11/15 would have thought that it's a joint show with TNA, but once they released the poster for the event, it became doubly apparent. In my opinion, HOH can never be a developmental territory – not in its current incarnation – and I seriously doubt that Dreamer or TNA would want to reduce the promotion to that. Rather, both sides should be cashing in on the ECW nostalgia while getting some of the best independent stars to put on some kick ass matches — that's the talent distribution I want to talk about.

Friday, October 17, 2014

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling

By Adam Foster
October 15, 2014
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

To start off, I had some preconceptions coming into this week's iMPACT. The first one was that no matter how good the wrestling was, nothing would compare to the five star main event we saw last week. The other was that based on the crowds recently in Bethlehem, they would possibly ruin what I suppose was the "fallout" from Bound For Glory 2014.

Storm on the Horizon

Glasgow, Scotland is a tough place that makes tough people. A city made strong by hard-working men and women, like the ship builders who laboured along the River Clyde, forging lives as they forged the hardened steel exported all over the world. Look into the eyes of Nikki Storm and at first you'll see a beautiful, athletic young woman....but look closer and you'll see a young lady as tough as her city and as hardened as the Scottish steel of the shipyards, and just as valuable an export, at least to the world of professional wrestling. When TNA producers began to search the British wrestling scene for the very best talent to compete in British Boot Camp 2, they didn't have to look far to find that in Glasgow, there was a Storm brewing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Total Nonstop Audacity of Hope

By: Mortimer Plumtree

Okay, okay. Settle down. You can put away your political agendas and all beliefs around it. No worries. We're still talking pro wrestling here. 

Despite the semi-borrowed title and inspirational phrase for this column which was penned by the current President of the United States, the meaning and significance accurately describes the current times in TNA Wrestling. A time where most fans attempt to carry on as loyal fans of this company, yet still hold and carry along the fear of the unknown - a new TV deal or no TV deal. 

I'll be completely honest with all of you, it's been a trying time for my fandom on pro wrestling as of late. There really hasn't been much offering (again, just my opinion) from the competitors and other companies, and when it comes to TNA, that simple fear of what is to come does indeed shadow my enjoyment of the product. In no way am I predicting the demise of TNA Wrestling and calling for the collectors to raid TNA headquarters right now, but again, just being honest, security is a powerful thing, and often the lack of it can cause concern. This is truth no matter how loyal your fandom or  how established your favorite product is.