Friday, December 19, 2014

Possible New Angle For Destination America?

By: Mortimer Plumtree

I still remember the call like it was yesterday - "Kurt Angle just headbutted Samoa Joe...OLYMPIC SLAM!! OLYMPIC SLAM! Angle on Samoa Joe!" Still, my very favorite moment ever in the history of TNA Wrestling. 

There is just something poetic about that moment which describes the fabric of the company as a whole. The homegrown talent being the center of attention. The best wrestler in the world (at the time) wanting to come to TNA to face said talent. The small intimate Impact Zone going absolutely bonkers. Jeff Jarrett sneaking in the ring to grab the title in the background of the segment (always makes me laugh). And of course, Don West and Mike Tenay calling the happenings by screaming to the top of their lungs as if they were fans sitting in the bleachers. Ahhh...the good ole' days.

TNA News Briefs - December 2014

* After 12 grueling legs, Brooke Adams and Robbie E finished in 4th place on The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, #TheWrestlers got off to a bad start and were eliminated halfway into the final leg in Los Angeles, California. Great effort by all teams involved.

* TNA announced that Josh Mathews will join Taz to form the new IMPACT WRESTLING announce team, starting January 7 on Destination America. Mathews will be doing play-by-play while Taz will be doing color commentary. Read the press release here.

* Muscle & Fitness published an article on Robbie E. Regarding his goals, Robbie said, "I plan on reuniting with my tag partner Jessie Godderz and getting a third tag team title run as the BroMans. In addition to that, it's time to be a grand slam champion and get that world title. I’m ready and the people are ready. Robbie E can go in the ring and I'm hoping I'll get the chance to show it!"

v2 Wrestling Awards 2014

Welcome to a special v2 Wrestling Podcast, as we nominate our 2014 award winners. Adam, Gavin and Rich discuss their nominations and winners for this year. Categories include best wrestler, tag team, match of the year, female wrestler, biggest moment, biggest shock and others.

Will TNA beat WWE in any of the categories? Will Lucha Underground or NXT win anything? Only one way to find out! And let us know if you agree with our nominations.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Putting the Sport in Sports Entertainment Part 3

Product Construction and Presentation

By Wake Chambers
Up to now through the first two parts of this series, it has focused on the general explanations and structural aspects, which comprise the competitive elements of the idea. Now, we start to move into how the product would potentially be portrayed. A wrestling show gives off a certain feel and presents an identity of sorts. This is to what we now turn.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Competitive Elements

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

British Boot Camp 2: Redemption

On the British Boot Camp 2 finale, the three finalists – Mark Andrews, Kay Lee Ray and Rampage Brown – competed against an IMPACT WRESTLING star for the chance to earn a TNA contract. How would the others have fared? See for yourself.

TNA Xplosion presents three bonus matches from Fayetteville, North Carolina.... Dave Mastiff faces Samoa Joe, Noam Dar takes on Austin Aries, and Grado goes one on one against EC3.

Countdown to the All-Time Best TNA Moment

Does Grado have a future in TNA?

In an interview with Royal Ramblings, Jeremy Borash talked about Grado's chances of working for TNA beyond the 2015 Maximum Impact Tour.

"I think he's got as good a shot as anyone. He's wrestling Al Snow at the Hydro on 29 January. When you see that and the crowd reaction - sometimes just shining a spotlight can make the people in charge of those decisions see you and think "Wow! This is something that will work and work again." That's something that Grado has to look forward to out of this match, for him it's an opportunity.

"I have a huge amount of faith in him. He's one of my favourite performers and one of the funniest people I've ever met in wrestling - and I've worked with a few people in my day! This guy has the most infectious sense of humour and he's fun to be around. He's the real deal on camera and off."

I'm With Spud Wednesday Wrestling