Thursday, April 24, 2014

TNA Signs with Hollywood Talent Agency

According to Deadline, TNA has signed a deal with the United Talent Agency, located in Hollywood, California. The UTA will hopefully help TNA broaden its TV reach, help with licensing deals, arena shows and social media. Its main goal is to expand TNA's brand.

UPDATE: PWInsider is reporting that the United Talent Agency will be negotiating TNA's TV deal whereas in the past, TNA did this in-house. Word is that UTA is confident that they can get TNA a new TV deal (whether it be with Spike or another Network). This is said to be a major deal for TNA and those within the company are excited about it.

Reaction: I have a limited knowledge of the UTA but anything that can actually help TNA grow is good in my book. I wonder if this has to do with Dixie's meetings in LA recently?

Rumors: TNA/Wrestle-1, New Signing, NYC Tapings

* The business relationship between TNA and Wrestle-1 is very strong right now. Wrestle-1 is looking to create new stars, two of which will be Sanada and Kai. Sanada is being pushed in TNA with the idea that he will be a bigger star when he returns to Wrestle-1. Currently, he is being brought back to defend the X Division Title about once a month. There is also talk of doing another TNA PPV in Japan later this year.

* Former NXT star Tom Latimer (aka Kenneth Cameron) has either been offered a TNA deal or will be offered one soon. Latimer recently worked a dark match prior to the X-Travaganza PPV in Orlando, Florida. He is a British wrestler married to Ric Flair's daughter, NXT Diva Charlotte.

* Regarding the June TV tapings in New York City, the feeling is that TNA will be taping more than four shows over three days. The first night is expected to sell out quickly, with the Grand Ballroom set up for roughly 800 people. The tentative plan is to return to the Manhattan Center for another set of tapings sometime in August.

Credit to Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Weekly News Briefs: April 22-27

* MVP has signed with TNA. In prior interviews, MVP stated that an agreement hadn't been reached yet but that has since changed.

* Brooke Tessmacher is still with TNA and should be back at some point.

* Eddie Edwards and his girlfriend, independent wrestler Alexxis Nevaeh, announced that they are engaged and will be getting married in April 2015. Congratulations to the happy couple.

* Wrestle-1 announced that Abyss & Kazarian will face the Great Muta & Tajiri in a special tag team match at the Tokyo Dome City Hall on May 4th.

* ShopTNA has released a new MVP T-shirt and James Storm hat. VIP Packages for the June TV tapings in Bethlehem, PA are also available here.

Jeff Hardy Talks Sacrifice, Willow Character and More

Jeff Hardy spoke with Through the Ropes ahead of Sunday's Sacrifice PPV. Below are the highlights:

His tag team match at Sacrifice:
"It’s going to be very dream-like for me. I’ve been in the ring with Kurt Angle quite a bit, but this time it’s a little different because I’ll be in there under the mask as Willow and we’ll be taking on Ethan Carter and Rockstar Spud. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a breeze. Kurt’s the man, it should be a breeze."

The origins of the Willow character:
"Willow was my bad guy identity when Matt and I were running the OMEGA shows. I would be Jeff Hardy as the good guy and Willow would be the bad guy wrestling Matt across the indie circuit. It was an alter-ego back then, and now I had a chance to bring it back in TNA. I’m glad they gave me the chance to do it because it means the world to me to see how cool the promos have turned out and the vignettes leading up to the debut, and the entrance. The in-ring matches are still a work in progress for me, but it’s fun to be that extension of myself, especially now at 36 years old on national TV."

Watch Your Money... And Your Alcohol

By Adam Foster

With the news that James Storm has had his contract extended for a few more years, it’s a good time to sit back and reminisce about one of the finer things TNA has ever done. The specific item that I’m referring to is the alliance of Bobby Roode and James Storm and the amazing career they built together as one of, if not THE best tag team in TNA history, Beer Money Inc.

Back in 2008, when TNA pulled the trigger on a Storm/Roode team, I doubt anyone on the creative team acted as a naysayer, but not a single person working for TNA or around the world could have believed that they would become one of the top flight tag teams in TNA and possibly the entire wrestling industry. However, if you look at the facts before they were put together, there are quite a few signs that Beer Money had the potential to be great.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christopher Daniels Gone From TNA

Christopher Daniels announced today on his Twitter that he is officially a free agent. His status with TNA was up in the air and it appears a new deal couldn't be reached. There is always a possibility that Daniels returns to TNA down the line.

X Division Title: Sanada vs. DJ Z

Spin Cycle: Pick Up Contest

TNA Signs New TV Deal in Italy

TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will return to TV screens in Italy this Spring, thanks to an agreement between TNA and popular Italian sports station Nuvolari TV.

Global wrestling stars including Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Magnus, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Mr. Anderson, MVP and Samoa Joe will make their debuts on Nuvolari on Friday May 2 at 8.30pm.

Episodes of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING will air every Friday at 8.30pm, with repeats on Saturdays at 4.30pm and Sundays at both 9am and 10.30pm. TNA’s PPV and ONE NIGHT ONLY events will also be broadcast monthly on Nuvolari. Fans in Italy can watch Nuvolari via digital terrestrial TV, satellite and live web streaming.